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Am I Being Called?

Maybe you feel like something is missing. It could be that there is a little voice whispering in your ear that there is more to life than this. Or perhaps in your prayers at night you are asking God for some direction and the answer you keep receiving is to follow your heart. How do you know if you are being called to religious life? How do you know if your vocation is living as Jesus did - to trust your faith and dare to spread the Good News and share it with others as a religious woman?

These are big questions, that cannot be answered with a simple yes, or no. A call to religious life must be discerned with as much focus as any major decision in ones life. There are many things to consider and you must reflect and pray for your own answers. Helping you to discern your vocation is part of our charism.

The following are personal accounts of Sisters and their journeys into religious life. These stories may help you come to know more clearly how God is calling you . . .often it is in the very ordinariness of our lives.

"What do you mean you can't keep your salary?"

"Mom, I think I have a vocation"

"You . . . won't last two weeks!"

"I felt this nudging to pursue religious life"

"I will never, ever become one of them!"

A few suggestions for seeking clarity in your journey;

  • Find someone to talk to about your feelings - even if you feel far from a decision, talking to others provides clarity. This person could be a close friend, teacher, Priest, Sister, etc.

  • Put your thoughts, feelings, questions, into a personal journal - writing it down and then rereading it can also bring clarity.

  • Get involved! Volunteering in your community or parish can also help bring clarity to your call to service. Some volunteer projects have group meetings where you can share your experiences.

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