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Harriet Schnurr "You . . . won't last two weeks!" . . . Sister Harriet Schnurr

I believed my call was rooted in my home. My German, Catholic parents were of strong but simple faith. I, with an older brother and sister and two younger brothers lived a sheltered farm life.

I attended a one-room public school, where no religion was taught. Common in our home were meal prayers, an appreciation of the Creator and Divine Providence, prayers at bedtime, the family Rosary and devotion to the Sacred Heart. I looked forward to Friday night Catechism preparation for Saturday Religion classes in the town.

These classes were my first encounter with the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who also taught in the local high school. I used to watch them closely and was inspired by their knowledge, respect, generous giving and caring attitudes. There was something mysterious about their life that attracted me. High School Religion classes began to satisfy this LONGING inside of me to know more about this God and to be of service.

By the end of Grade 12, the invitation was stronger but I was wrestling with God saying, "but I love to sing and dance: I don't know how to speak, to teach. I would rather be a farmer's wife with lots of kids." But God persistently called and I listened to the voice deep within me and joined the SSND community to the pleasure of my mother, the laughter and dismay of my brothers and the comments of my father "You, wild thing, you won't last two weeks". This summer we proudly celebrated 40 years of day to day living the gift of this mysterious call.

Sister Harriet Schnurr is one of our Sisters working in Provincial Leadership.

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